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National Shorei Goju Ryu Association

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The National Shorei Goju Ryu Association is a membership organization dedicated to schools and practitioners of Shorei Goju Ryu  system of Karate.

Shorei Goju Ryu is a style of Karate originating from two major Okinawan martial arts. It emphasizes the ancient theory of “No Limitations” of knowledge or technique. It contains every type of strike, block, kick, wrist lock, arm lock, arm bar, sweep, takedown or pressure point which can be used. This gives the student the option of choosing which best fits his or her physique, personality, and situation. The karate style of Shorei Goju Ryu has something for everyone.

The National Shorei Goju Ryu Organization seeks to support members in a variety of ways. This includes

2016 Blackbelt Extravaganza

Special Dates

Kobudo Seminar (Weapons) -  10/6/2018